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Thousand Steps and Stars
brosnipple sent: climbs onto and gurgles// miguguguguguguuuuu i misseth yooou


I haven’t been on tumblr in FOREVERRR also the darn thing still doesn’t tell me when i have messages SOBS but i miss you too you butt!! >3<




Ah thank you love!!

Ack why was this sent 4 hours ago yet I was JUST notified?? X’D

But yeah, the 11th of June! Thankies!!! >3<

dminorfmajor sent: HI! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARLING! <3

Ahhh thank you love!!


hollydermovoi sent: fun fact: i kinda cheated, cause i'm in italy and we're nine hrs ahead of y'all

fun fact: you’re a butt then!!


Idk what you’re doing in Italy, but have fun!! :>

afraidrienne sent: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


hollydermovoi sent: Happy Birthday Mig-mig! I hope you have a nice day

Ahh thank you!! >//v//<

(fun fact you’re the second person to give me a happy birthday! You’re fast! *u*)

frostbite883 sent: In four words, how would you describe Meenah & Aranea's friendship?

dorky punk-fish bookworm lesbians

spookieprince sent: ok ok ok i know its like 2 years old buT THAT PICTURE YOU DREW OF PRECIOUS TAVROS BABY IS THE MOST PERFECT FANART OF TAVROS AND OMG LIKE YESSSSS. hhh ok sorry *rolls away*

THANKIES LOVE!! Tavros never gets enough love, so it was my pleasure to do him justice!!! >//v//<

hellahijabi sent: you r literally perfect and i just ugh im almost crying because of how gorgeous you are and how damn happy you look in all of you selfies and photos and i wish to be like that ugh

Ahhhhh thank you love 

Omg you haven’t even seen the pictures I took with my mom and partner during christmas time, i looked so flippin happy in comparison to everyone sgnslkdjfng >//3//< im such a butt i grin like a dork!!!

You just as lovely!! (Your eyebrows are rly nice omg *o*) I think if you just keep on taking selfies you will soon find that you’ll start making silly faces more than sultry ones hehehehe, I do that a lot in the mirror! I just sit there making faces at myself, just like when i think i look good and im like YES I MUST SHARE W/ THE WORLD but soon enough im just like

It’s rly awesome looking cute and stuff and it’s just as awesome dicking around until you p much like any old face you make at yourself ;D

subliminaltwist sent: Write 2 things you like about yourself then pass this on to the first 10 people on your dash x #TeamSelfEsteem

Ooh fun!

1. I like my cleavage a lot!! I think it makes me look rly hot so I always wear things that emphasize it hehehe U//v//U~ omg also my eyebrows are really nice, along w the shape of my lips which are really full! My nose is p silly too :>

2. I like my personality type, which fluctuates between INTJ and INFJ, depending on how well you know me! I like that bc of this, others can confide in me, enjoying sharing with me, and know that I’m very genuine (sometimes brutally honest) and can admit when im wrong or don’t know something! 

northernroseofmay sent: *kisses* You've caught the kissing disease. Now you've gotta pass it on to the next ten people on your dash. Have fun

thankiesss U//o//U

saturday-comes-slow-deactivated sent: If not too intrusive: how many blogs do you follow, and are there any you would recommend? :3

Omg tumblr didn’t tell me I had new asks I’m sorry!! X’D

And nah it’s not intrusive!

I follow 1,046 blogs, and I actually do have a rec list, depending on what you’re interested in!

I’ve attempted to update my list, so feel free to take a look! :D


Anonymous sent: Master ball, Heavy ball, Luxury ball, Repeat ball!

If I could have a real pokemon, what would it be?
It would be either Ditto, Abra, Ghastly, Gangar, Mudkip, Azurill, Reuniclus, Chandelure, or Bulbasaur!!

What is your idea of the perfect meal?
A meal that is prepared well, meaning nothing was rushed and nothing is ‘fat free,’ no shortcuts are made, the food is KNOWN to taste good, it has to be savory and very rich! Simple flavors need to be very special. Things like meat or veggies can be fried or have that layer of toasted crunchiness on the outside and soft juicy warm on the inside. Things soak up the flavor and are super juicy when you bite into them!! Almost like melting in your mouth! 
Nothing is bland and sad tasting. If there’s meat, it’s gotta be made without the gross fat, bone, and cartilage. Nothing can be too spicy to the point where you can’t enjoy it anymore. Hopefully nothing smells or tastes like fish. Everything is perfect temperature, so I don’t burn myself. Stuff is hopefully not greasy do I don’t get a stomach ache! X’D

goddamn now im hungry =q=

What is your guilty pleasure?
I would hope to say nothing I find pleasurable is guilty!! Sadly due to things like sex-shaming and fatphobia, I’m working on it. :<
I can say that finishing a whole giant bag of hot cheetos is a guilty pleasure. Or whenever food is delicious and I can eat it nonstop omggg
Or when I have certain fantasies that play on triggers that I’ve had in the past but for some reason I find pleasure in them sometimes, but I feel bad about it later??
Omg or when I make someone feel like shit but honestly I think they deserve it for being a bigot or being abusive. P much calling someone out on their shit to the point where they get frustrated or start crying and im like pffft. 
Ooh and spending hours either sleeping, drawing nsfw stuff, or looking and enjoying nsfw stuff when I should be working or doing schoolwork :U

What is something you’d love to experience again?
Hmmm the first thing that comes to mind is first-time sensations when it comes to sexual things.
Then I thought about it more and I wish I could experience a nice family holiday without being emotionally abused or made to feel awful about myself.
I also wish my friends who rarely talk to me now, regardless of when I attempt to write to them (they just ignore it now…), would stop being passive aggressive and actually care to talk to me again. Show some interest that doesn’t turn into a pity part towards them.
I also wish I knew what safety felt like again. Or true confidence, whatever that was when I was younger. 

Anonymous sent: Premier Ball, Great Ball, Dive Ball

Favorite Pokemon: DITTO!!! 

Favorite Pokemon type: Ghost & Psychic

Do I enjoy Swimming? HECK YES I love swimminggg