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Thousand Steps and Stars

Friendly Halloween Reminder

With Halloween coming up, here’s a few things to keep in mind

  • Not all costumes will be obvious if they are problematic or offensive.
  • Do NOT appropriate Day of the Dead. DONT DRESS UP AS SUGAR SKULLS JUST STOP. It is not your Halloween. And it’s not cute. Just don’t. Some of us are trying to mourn and celebrate our deceased family, so kindly fuck off. 
  • Do not dress up as a Romani person (and refrain from usage of the g*psy word.)
  • Dressing up as Pocahontas, and any other ‘native american’ outfit is a big nope. Even worse if you’re white. 
  • Think twice before putting on a ‘slutty’ outfit. There’s a fine line between being sex positive and an ally to sex workers, and another to mock and amplify misogyny through objectification and use of slurs. 
  • Speak up (if the situation allows it) if you see any guardians pressuring kids to wear very gendered costumes.
  • There is nothing wrong with things like little girls WANTING to wear all pink dresses and tiaras. That’s as awesome as them wanting to dress up as a superhero! 
  • Be creative with your make up. There is no excuse for brown, yellow, and black facing, especially with so many online tutorials for amazing make up effects. Also it’s just fucked up.
  • Fat suits aren’t okay. Those are bodies you’re wearing as a costume for laughs, while for some of us, that’s a fatphobic stigma we need to deal with daily. 
  • Don’t wear a kimono because you wanna ‘be a geisha’ bc that will end in awkward culture appropriation that you cannot back up. Trust me.
  • having cis guys “dress up as women” by wearing a dress and terrible wig is just not okay. Halloween could be this amazing space to explore representation. Instead, usually this just states what you really think of anyone feminine. You think femininity is false and vain, and you will come off as an asshole. Not to mention this is just transphobic on a different level of NOPE.
  • Intention doesn’t matter. Most people don’t even know they’re being offensive. People who are hurt by your actions WILL have a hard time calling you out. And it is NOT their responsibility to tell you. It is YOURS to research.
  • If youre reading this it means you own a computer and have access to the internet. No excuse.
  • Your costume could trigger and be a micro aggression towards others. This isn’t about being offended. This is about demanding some goddamn respect for other’s identities instead of asking permission. It’s called being assertive.
  • That is all. Be safe and happy trick or treating!!